Observing, listening and inquiring to transform
Challenging paradigms that’s our business
We work with your organization in the transformation process
Improve by Transforming
In order to satisfy the customer we need to listen
Our experience allow us to create a customized set of valuable solutions for your organization

We observe & listen...

...to the needs and concerns of the organization and the people in the company, how they coordinate with each other and how they keep promises made to their internal & external customers.

Our model is strengthened by a network of consultants with extensive experience in different disciplines and domains, this ensures that the project team generates the maximum possible value to our customers.

Países donde el equipo y la red de consultores ha movilizado proyectos Más de 100 proyectos en 11 países en 2 continentes

We are a network of business consultants and specialists.

Our model is strengthened by a network of consultants with extensive experience in different disciplines and domains, this ensures that the project team generates the maximum possible value to our customers.



In an ever more globalized world, business transformation is required to generate competitive advantages, increase revenues and maximizing savings.


Organization’s success key is that Business Process and its coordination are aligned to the Business Strategy

Change management

We offer the design and field work to manage and support the transition of paradigm change, beliefs, moods, and/or interpretations.


This offer has the goal of developing the specific skills that each person requires based on his/her role in the organization.


Our approach is to maximize the executive and leadership skills of mid and upper management levels in the organization


Develop research competences and create collaborative networks to enable the continuous evolution and transformation of the business


Our level of intervention varies according to the customer requirements and possibilities.
In our intervention model we always look for a knowledge transfer based on what is agreed to.

  • We hired the services of your MISSIO in ACTIO consultancy for 14 weeks for the design of the Process Office and its strategy, in addition to the design of BPA up to level 4-5 of the AFORE and Funds businesses. Also, they supported us as Coach of the Process Office staff at startup. Deliveries were always on time and in accordance with what was agreed upon, constant communication about weekly advances, next steps and declaration of impediments or breaks. The transparency of his work was a constant throughout his work

    Roger J Rendón Chief Operating Officer México en PRINCIPAL
  • MISSIO in ACTIO help us as expert consultants on new topics like Change Management into a complex project we are running in the company. They have lot of experience in many countries and processes.

    Manuel Lozoya JDE Project Business Leader Packaged Gases en PRAXAIR México
  • Start commenting that Antonio's extensive experience is something that is noted in his approaches, in his observer, in his coaching and in his direction. A few days ago Antonio finished a project in Principal where he has helped us understand a vision of how we can generate value for the company; and he was enabling us in an accompaniment where he transferred knowledge to us. The common factor that can be found in Antonio Loera is that it always exceeds the expectation. He is a person who has a strategic vision of the business that I have seen exceeds the average of high executives by far; which leads him to carry out his generation of fair value in what further enhances your role, your team and your organization. I can highly recommend the services of MISSIO in ACTIO and more when it is Antonio who leads them.

    Francisco González Terrazas Gerente Técnico de Procesos en Principal Financial Group
  • I consider that the workshops are the beginning of a new form of work that we have to adopt and that will help us in the Coordination process. I also consider that it is not the only thing that is required and that more things are missing to achieve a change in the way the project works, however these workshops give us elements to open channels, options and opportunities together to seek better coordination.

    Manuel Lozoya JDE Project Business Leader Packaged Gases |PRAXAIR México
  • The identification of moods and how they influence or can influence day to day. The concept of trust, its components and interpretation and the way in which we can interpret our identity. I feel confident that we have advanced.

    Enrique G. Barrera Pedraza Gerente de Servicios de TI | Grupo ATARI
  • Antonio and his team have helped me in various business assessments supporting the evolution of central Human Resources services, both strategic and transactional. His experience in Global Service Models (GBS) as well as the recommendations received added much value in this process.

    Claudio Peragallo Director de Tecnología y Analíticos de Capital Humano en Grupo Salinas
  • The value generated is to reveal the blindnesses that they have in this domain, to work “in the field” in conjunction with them to help them incorporate new practices to seek to be a differential service offer in the market; I am convinced that it depends in large part on our ability to attend to our clients' concerns, to make promises that help them generate value and to fulfill them with excellence and impeccably

    Gabriel Chávez America Processes - Help Desk Manager | CEMEX
  • What did I learn with MISSIO IN ACTIO? … I had the opportunity to develop assertive communication, which helps me improve the quality of my relationships with my clients. Relying on elements such as speech acts and conditions of satisfaction, I can more clearly capture the requirements I receive, and carry out the necessary actions to achieve the desired objective, this with greater precision and avoiding waste of time. I also learned the relevance of the judgments of trust and mistrust, and how to make use of them to have a solid team relationship, which eliminates obstacles when working on common goals.

    Juan Ignacio Alonso Caballero Business Consultant | CEMEX
  • This contributes to the attention of my Clients in paying attention, understanding the need, asking questions, negotiating and confirming satisfaction, in general, having effective coordination and working better as a team applying this knowledge.

    Blanca Melo RSO América & BSO México - Globla Service Center | CEMEX
  • Antonio has great skill in the knowledge of business processes in such a way that facilitates key solutions in the field of processes as well as of working practices. Their knowledge about the development of conversational skills in people facilitates the adoption of knowledge and practices that allow you to impact the laboral culture in the work teams.

    Miguel Torres Sales Force Development Leader |CEMEX
  • Antonio and his team not only have the knowledge, they also have the willingness to share them. They have the ability to detect areas for improvement, both at the company level and at the people level, they give different proposals that can help us professionally and personally. Do an excellent job in your work.

    Jorge Omar Juárez Dámazo Líder | CATSA Concretos

Challenging paradigms that’s our business


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